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Jacob Sprayberry, Safety Success Story of 2019!

“He’s one of the best machine operators. Eight out of Five Stars.”

Jacob TempForce Safety Champion Bonus Recognition 2019

Je'Veon Welch, Safety Champion of the Year!

"He really deserves this award, because you don't find too many young men that will come to work everyday, plus being as respectful and safe as he is."

Safety Champion of the Year OSHA Safe Recognition Award 2019 Jeveon

Josh Thompson

When you ask someone about their job and they start with, “I love it,” you know you have a keeper.

Meet Antonio Reese, our Safety Champion for May 2019!

We’re excited to introduce you to TempForce’s first Safety Champion for the month of May, Antonio Reese!

Antonio TempForce Safety Winner

Kaye Crider, Safety Champion!

How does a company like Parker Hannifin keep all their employees safe and sound? With help from Kaye Crider, former TempForce team member and Safety Champion!

 Kaye TempForce Safety Champion

Chase Lackey

“I like the people here. And no matter what the job is or if it gets boring, I stay in a good mood. If you have inner peace, everything else is just circumstance... that’s not my attitude. It’s His.”

Kerry Thigpen

If you’ve ever cleaned up after a bunch of elementary schoolers, bless your heart. But there are only a few noble souls who can say they’ve cleaned up after hundreds. Kerry Thigpen is one. Kerry's the beloved custodian and maintenance man at Iola Roberts Elementary School, and he's also this month's TempForce Safety Champion!


TempForce Safety Winner Iola Roberts Elementary School Pell City

Chris Speer

Last week, Chris Speer turned a long-term temp assignment into a permanent career at Nemak!

Kara McElroy

We take off our hats to our first Safety Champion of 2019, Kara McElroy! (But not our hard hats, obviously, because that would be unsafe.)

Barbara Huntley

This December, Barbara Huntley made us proud and took home our Safety Champion Award. Here's how she did it!

Joshua "Aaron" Whitehead

Meet Aaron! An Army National Guard member who brings a unique set of values and work ethic to the table, we are proud to announce Joshua "Aaron" Whitehead as TempForce’s November Safety Champion!

Kelvin Wallace

“A model employee on safety and what we strive for in our employees.”

Stedman Orr

"Always Aware" is a phrase they use at Stedman's company, and Stedman has made it a big part of his work ethic!

James Collins

"Safety should be the main objective for everybody! If you can't work safe, you won't work long." Meet James Collins, our September Safety Champion!

Jarid Underwood
After over a year of dedicated work, Jarid Underwood has mastered new skills, learned new procedures, and earned a permanent position!
Madison Oliver

When Madison Oliver first joined our team, she fell right into place. Now, she's a rising star at her new company!

Misty Alewine

This Sewing Machine Operator has the skills, the focus, and the right attitude to turn every challenge into a success.

Churry Williams

The challenge of always working on something different is what Churry Williams loves the most about her work.

Brandon Ponthieux

Brandon Ponthieux is new to the working world, but he's already making a great impression.

Susan Smith

Temporary jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Susan Smith only works one day a week, and yet she makes a big difference at her company!

Cassidy Dover

With this job, Cassidy Dover feels like she's right where she's supposed to be. We couldn't agree more!

Josh Bolton

From the very start, Josh Bolton was an excellent TempForce employee. Three years later, he's the Warehouse Operations Manager who we send many of our new temps to start their first day of work.

Adam Shepherd

“If we could clone him, we would.” That’s pretty high praise for any employee, but Adam Shepherd isn’t just any employee!

Michelle Wise
Michelle Wise is a former temporary employee who has gone on to serve an integral administrative role at this Anniston area company!
Mark Little
Mark Little has grown from a temporary worker building cabinets on the production line, to leading the Off-Line team. Here's his story!
Speed Pitts

Speed Pitts is not only a valuable member of our TempForce Team... he's also a Safety Leader at his company!

Carlos Calix

Meet Carlos Calix! We are recognizing Carlos as a Safety Leader in his workplace!

Sam Jones

Sam Jones is a Safety Leader on our TempForce Team!

Zebbian Hill

We recognize Zebbian Hill as a TempForce Success Story and thank her for her Safety Leadership while on the TempForce Team!

William Spurlin

We're recognizing William Spurlin for his Safety Leadership!

Cody Rich

Meet Cody Rich... a leader in safe work habits from our Pell City Branch!

Francine Hughley

Francine Hughley is a new employee proving herself as one of our most trusted safety leaders!

Justin Jennings

Meet Justin Jennings! For a year, Justin has led his team with Safe Work Habits!

Robert Askew

Meet Robert Askew! Robert works for our Anniston Branch and is doing a great job working on the production team at of our client companies in Talladega. One of Robert's greatest qualities? His awesome Safety Awareness!

Jamarkus Hodges

This Forklift Driver has spent the last month and a half acheiving personal safety goals!

Aunyee Currie

Aunyee Currie sets a great example!

Jarid Underwood

Meet Jarid Underwood, valued TempForce team member and Safety Leader!

Miranda York

Meet Miranda York! With a background in Management and the National Guard and an unparalleled work ethic, Miranda is a born leader, and the perfect match for the Supervisor role she’s grown into this year.

Donald Thompson

Meet Donald Thompson. Donald’s a great example of taking a chance on a temporary position after succeeding in a long, stable career. He has been able to bring his consistent work ethic to the job, and he’s grown, too, learning a new trade and becoming confident in it!

Danny Moore

Meet Danny Moore! Managing industrial processes and managing people can be very different things. But Danny Moore understands both very well. He was worked hard to earn the opportunity to do both, as the Production Supervisor at an Anniston area metal processing facility.

Carissa Hudson

Meet Carissa Hudson! Carissa started with TempForce in February as the part-time Medical Billing Clerk, offering customer service and office expertise to the clients of an Anniston medical supplies provider. By Summer, she had made a great impression that earned her a permanent position!

Brandon Parker

Meet Brandon Parker! Brandon’s auto parts production company has been so impressed with him, that not only did they offer Brandon a Full-Time job at the company after just one month, but the plant’s HR Manager nominated him for our Top Talent of 2016 Award.

Kelsey Kemp

Meet Kelsey Kemp! Kelsey was brought onto our team this May as a Clerk for a motor carrier transportation service in Sylacauga. She caught on quickly and now handles a range of administrative duties to help the drivers make their shipments!

Xavier Embry

Meet Xavier Embry! Xavier’s success is not just an inspiring story. It’s also a story about inspiration. He’s climbed to many different leadership positions since we placed him as an assembly worker at one of Alabama’s top cabinet manufacturers way back in 2012. And he owes his success to his ability to motivate and encourage everyone around him.

Nick Hays

Meet Nick Hays! When you’re working in logistics, being told you’re dependable is one of the highest compliments there is. And that’s the one word that Nick Hays’ supervisor would use to describe Nick. Along with efficient, respectful, on time… and an all-around great employee!

Jesse Macon

Meet Jesse Macon! In 2013, Jesse was referred to TempForce by a friend. We matched her with a position as a Line Packer, helping to produce, wrap and package some of the South’s best-loved packaged meat products. In just 3 years, her job would expand far beyond line work.

Eric Smith

Meet Eric Smith! Recently we placed William “Eric” Smith in a welding position at a fabrication and machining company in Talladega County. After just a few months, it’s becoming clear that this promising addition could be a great fit to help the company expand its operations!