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Health Insurance Plans

TempForce Open Enrollment Health Insurance

Our Indemnity Plan starts at $22.76 Per Week and our NEW Wellness/Preventive* Plan starts at $57.98 Per Month.

*Wellness Plan meets ACA Individual Mandate. Plan Details Below.

Enroll within the first 30 Days of your Assignment Start Date at TempForce!

Fixed Indemnity Plan

MEC Wellness/
Preventive Plan


  • Starting at $22.76 per Weekly payroll deduction
  • Medical, Rx, Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Doctor Office Visit Benefit of $100 per Day
  • Wellness Benefit of $100
  • No Pre-existing Condition Limitations
  • No Waiting Period or Deductibles on Medical
  • First Health Network



  • Starting at $57.98 per Month
  • Covers the 63 mandated benefits of Minimum Essential Coverage
  • Eliminates employee Individual Mandate Tax for those enrolled
  • First Health Network
  • Options for Family Coverage
  • Monthly Direct Payment