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Resume Writing


We see thousands of resumes in our business. It’s our job! “But you’re an employment agency. Don’t you just send people on assignments?” Yes and NO! There are many reasons employers use our service. One of the top reasons is applicant screening. Many employers are too busy or choose not to screen hundreds of applicants and this is where we step in. Though the screening process has been handed over to us, many times the company will want to see the resumes for the candidates we have chosen in order to decide if they would like to interview! How can you keep your resume in the keep pile? Here, we are offering you some SMART tips to get your resume noticed.

Streamline- Resumes should be 1-2 pages in length and printed on neutral colored resume paper. Instead of using a template, create your own document that can be tailored to the specific job you are applying for. Use key words for the industry or position you are seeking. If you are including a cover letter, you do not need an objective on your resume. Be certain that your cover letter is company specific- not generic!

Margins and format- Margins need only be one inch. Use a font such as Ariel or Times New Roman in 10-12 points. Use black ink. Bold your name in a couple of font sizes larger. You may also want to bold and capitalize section titles, but keep the font the same size. When emailing your resume, use PDF format if possible. List everything (jobs, degrees, etc) in reverse chronological order. Do not rely on spellcheck- always have someone else proof read your resume.

Accompanying information- List degrees and previous work experience by month and year. City and state only works best. List skills and results when possible not just job duties.

Results and objectives- Use results oriented terms such as achieved, increased, etc when describing past work history. Bullets should begin with action words. 

Telephone and contact information- One phone number is enough. Include your email address and be sure the content on your social networking sites is professional. It’s no longer necessary to include references or the terms references available upon request- keep a copy with you when interviewing. 3-5 professional references are plenty.