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Job Hunting Tips

  1. Get organized- Before you open the paper, get on-line or hit the pavement, it is a must to get organized. Gather together the information, contact numbers, dates, etc. for previous employers. Start a folder.
  2. Put it all together- Have a resume, great. But, most likely you will be asked to fill out an application anyhow. *TIP*: Print this blank application and fill out beforehand. This will help you to have your information in one organized place; all you have to do is transfer the info to the company specific application for the job in which you are applying.
  3. Never put down *see resume* on your job application. Try to fill out as much information as possible and not leave blank spaces.
  4. Be as accurate as possible- verify previous employment dates if necessary. At least narrow down to a month and year. This small bit of leg work can maintain your credibility and avoid confusion.
  5. Maximize your efforts by keeping track- keep track of the positions you have applied for. This can keep you from wasting your time and applying for the same positions repeatedly. This is invaluable if you are using multiple internet sources.
  6. Employers can receive well over 200 responses to an ad. Follow up and follow through.
  7. When filling out applications, always be dressed to interview.
  8. Network! Talk to others. Let people know you are looking for a position. Tell friends, family, the cashier at the gas station, put it on Facebook… you get the idea. The more people you talk to the more leads you can generate!
  9. Make work out of looking for work! Do something daily- whether it’s filling out applications, planning your job hunt, tailoring your resume, writing a cover letter, following up or doing on-line research- Stay active! Action focuses the mind on the solution-Employment; rather than the problem- Being unemployed.
  10. And above all- Try not to get discouraged. We all can agree that seeking employment at this time is extremely challenging. It’s important to take note of the success you do achieve along the way. Getting a call on your resume-Success! Landing an interview-Success!