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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about getting a job with TempForce?

First you must apply with our office, you may begin the process by clicking on the Apply with TempForce link, and calling the office nearest you.

What if I have worked with TempForce before?

Provided you have worked with TempForce and left on good terms, you are certainly eligible to work with us again.

How much do you take out of my paycheck?

You are never charged a fee from TempForce. Companies pay us for utilizing our services and that in no way affects your pay rate per hour.

How much do jobs with TempForce pay?

Just like any company, job pay rates vary depending on experience and expertise. Most wages are very comparable to companies in the area.

Will I be hired by a company where I am assigned?

Being hired by a client company is something that occurs quite often but is totally at the discretion of the client company. Once you have worked for TempForce for a pre-determined amount of time, you are eligible to be hired, if the client has an opening and your work performance is satisfactory. Many company utilize our service to hire members of their regular staff.

How often do I get paid?

Tempforce issues paycheck weekly. Usually paychecks are given on Fridays.

Does TempForce offer holiday pay and benefits?

TempForce does offer paid holidays and vacation pay after a predetermined amount of time, discussed during your orientation. Affordable Health Benefits are an option you may have payroll-deducted from your check weekly.

What other, if any, incentives do you offer?

We offer safety incentives, employee of the month, employee referral plans, where you can get cash by sending someone to work for TempForce.

Does TempForce Drug Test?

Yes, we are a drug-free workplace and we drug screen all employees prior to beginning work for us.

What will I need to apply?

We require the same ID that the federal government requires concerning your I-9 (Homeland Security requirements). A list of acceptable items may be found on the back of government required I-9 form.