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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does using TempForce cost?

Cost depends on many things such as: location of company, safety, workers comp ratings, volume, and sometimes length of the assignment. TempForce is very competitive when it comes to rates and has a 20 year reputation in the area.

Why would I want to use temps I can hire on my own?

Ninety percent of all companies at some point utilize a temporary Staffing service. The reasons are numerous, ranging from nepotism to hiring freezes.  Companies will, at times, charge temporary employees to other areas in accounting to keep costs minimal.  More and more companies utilize temporary staffing services as a way to reach applicants they may otherwise not be able to find.

What paperwork is involved?

TempForce will take care of all the paperwork for you.  We take care of the necessary paperwork for someone to begin employment. We take the worry out of hiring.

Our team keeps up with wages, I-9, W4s and of course the employees receive a W-2 at year’s end.

It seems expensive—how can it save me money?

There are many ways utilizing a temporary staffing service can be cost prohibitive. We can save money in payroll expenses and in workers compensation since we are covered by state-required worker’s compensation and liability  insurance. We also make SSI contributions, and UI contributions. We do all your legwork: the W-2s and the hiring process of interviewing and sorting through resumes. Our staff is trained to do that and we sometimes interview in excess of 100 people weekly. All things considered, many companies realize a savings beyond their normal payroll benefit package.

What if an employee is injured on the job?

TempForce is just like any other employer in that our employees are covered by worker’s compensation insurance as required by Alabama State Law. In the event of an injury we consult our 24-Hour Nurse, The HealthBridge, for assistance and take the necessary route to get our employees back on-the-job and functioning as soon as possible.

Invoices, how and when do they come?

Flexibility is the key to our business success over the years. We can route invoices to any department you wish and purchase orders may be added as requested. You will receive an invoice approximately 10 days after the first week of completed work.

What is your screening process?

Briefly, we conduct drug screening, reference checks, and aptitude screening as well as going through an interview with applicants. Alabama background checks are done as well. See the SMART Services portion of our web site for a more thorough description of our screening process.

I only need one person—am I too small to use temps?

No, our business was built on companies who need small numbers of temporary employees. In fact some companies have standing orders with us for only a few hours a month to fill-in.

I need hundreds of people— can you handle that much payroll?

Fortunately we are partnered with a national funding company and have been with them for over 20 years.  No payroll is too large or too small for us to handle.  We have had more than 500 employees assigned at single client.

How do I go about getting more information about using TempForce?

Simply contact us through this site or call us at the numbers listed closest to your location (listed below) and we will call to set up a time to visit and do a Needs Analysis of your company. By meeting together we will be able to determine, based on your individual situation, what route may be best for you. During that time we will tour your facility and make recommendations based solely on your needs. On occasion in the past we have visited prospects and recommended they not utilize temps.  Remember our job is to make your job easier. If we discover during the needs assessment that we cannot do that for you, we will tell  you.