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TempForce 4th Annual Seeing Pink... Raising Awareness Fundraiser

TempForce raised $3210 this October for the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

Breast Cancer Awareness Total

Thank you to all our generous Clients who went the extra mile and sent in their PINK PICS. Everyone got our attention in their PINK get-ups... and directed it to Breast Cancer Awareness and the power of Early Detection!

How do we do it? Every Friday in October, our clients and their workforces send us pictures donning their finest PINK in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for every PINK PIC, we add $10 to our annual donation. It's time to put away the pink, but keep the everyday awareness going! And next year...

WE WANT $5000!

Here are our favorite PINK Pictures so far! You can see all our pictures on Facebook.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Take the time to learn about Breast Cancer, Screenings and Early Detection.

Vulcan Information Packaging Gets Creative for PINK!

Real Men Wear PINK for BCA!

Cheaha Mental Health Put Their HEARTS Together

The guys at WKW aren't afraid of a little PINK

Fort McClellan Credit Union: Jacksonville Branch!

TempForce Anniston Scares Off Breast Cancer

Alfa Insurance in Anniston

Anniston Family Practice goofs off for a good cause!

Anniston Family Practice Pinks Out!

Depot USA / The Supply Room

Depot USA / The Supply Room

Fort McClellan Credit Union: Anniston Branch!

Fort McClellan Credit Union: Ohatchee Branch!

Fort McClellan Credit Union: Centre Branch!

Parker in Jacksonville got crazy... and crafty! with their PINK.



AmTech's Pink Bracelets

WKW makes Pink look good!

Paula in Anodizing at WKW is PINK!

AmeriBolt: The Gang's All Pink!

Jones and Jones with AmeriBolt