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Staffing Employee Week 2016


Staffing Employee Week 2016 

September 19th - 23rd, 2016 is National Staffing Employee Week.

TempForce is celebrating by sharing our employees' stories, giving out awards and rewarding our workforce with free gifts all week long!

Get Inspired by our Success Stories!

First, get inspired by TempForce's Staffing Success Stories. We're introducing you to some of our most hardworking, memorable and impactful TempForce team members, both our current employees and those who have gone on to accomplish great things as a permanent employee at the company where TempForce placed them.

Their stories are truly inspiring examples of how our employees, given the right tools and matched with the right workplace, can make a real difference for the businesses in our communities. We invite you to join us on these journeys!

Employee Recognition at its Finest

Next come the rewards. Each of our featured employees is eligible for one of our Awards! Our Top Talent of 2016 Award is for our all-around best employee placed so far this year, and our Impact Award will be given to an employee who has gone on to accomplish great things as a permanent employee at the company where we placed them.

Stop by our Facebook Page on Friday, September 23rd at Noon, to congratulate our award winners!

Free Gifts for our Talent Team!

We're also showing appreciation to all members of our Talent Team during Staffing Employee Week... from September 19th to September 26th, our employees are invited to stop by their local branch and pick up an awesome FREE APPRECIATION GIFT! (While supplies last.)

In our industry, our employees mean everything to us. Our TempForce Talent Team members' individual talents, skills and professional accomplishments constantly inspire us.

We're proud to be a part of our employees' success stories, and we will continue to work with top companies in East-Central Alabama to make the talent matches that allow our employees to find their place at an organization, and make an impact in a meaningful career.

Staffing Employee Week 2016