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Safe+Sound Blog Series: Part Three

This Safe+Sound Week, TempForce is bringing you must-know information about how temporary staffing agencies and staffing clients should work together to protect our temporary workforce. This is Part One in our Safe+Sound Week Blog Series!

Working Safe with a Temporary Agency
Part 3: Injury Recordkeeping Requirements

Let’s review. So far in our Safe+Sound Week Blog Series, we’ve covered how Host Employers and Temporary Agencies can work together to minimize workplace hazards. But when a safety incident is reported, is the Host Employer or Staffing Agency responsible for the Recordkeeping Requirements?


Only Record Injuries on One Log

Temporary workers’ injuries and illnesses should be “recorded on only one employer’s injury and illness log.” (Source) In most cases, that will be the Host Employer’s Log.

By OSHA’s standards, the duty of recordkeeping is determined by supervision. So, usually it will be the Host Employer who is responsible for including recordable temporary worker injuries on their OSHA Log, because “they supervise such workers on a day-to-day basis.” (Source)

Host Employer Responsibilities

Essentially, the Host should make sure to include temporary worker injuries and illnesses when doing their usual required recordkeeping for OSHA. Records of “serious occupational injuries and illnesses” (Source) should be maintained using the OSHA 300 Log. The employer responsible for recordkeeping is also responsible for completing and posting parts of the Log at the worksite every year, even if there were no recordable injury in the past year.

Here are some helpful links for Recordkeeping!


Working Together with TempForce

One of the most important things TempForce can do to share the recordkeeping responsibilities is to maintain communication with our clients about any work-related injuries or safety issues. We also train all our temporary employees to report injuries promptly to TempForce and their Host Employer. After an injury has been reported, we are also happy to assist our Host Employers with injury investigations.

That sums up our Safe+Sound Week series! We’ve learned how Host Employers and Staffing Agencies share safety and health responsibilities for temporary workers, and that communication is key for us to ensure our workforce’s safety. Read more on OSHA’s Temporary Workforce Initiative here.


TempForce is happy to address our clients’ workplace safety questions directly. Please contact your local branch with any inquiries!

Posted on 06/15/2017